Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Yes we have trees

When I moved to Cibola County in 1976 via California my first question was, where is the grass? Well we don't have much grass, but we do have some interesting trees.

One of my very favorite is a Navajo willow tree growing on the bank of my very favorite place, the Riverwalk, right in the middle of Grants.

Getting my vote for most stubborn is this mighty little guy growing in almost no soil on the Sandstone bluffs. It has a magnificent view of the lava beds and Mt. Taylor.
Mt. Taylor has its own spectacular trees as seen in this view of the Aspen in the fall.
Many residents plant Poplar trees to act as wind breaks. This group looks as if they are having an animated conversation as the mighty wind blows around them.
So yes, we do have trees!

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