Thursday, April 3, 2014

A rose by any other name.

Many have referred to New Mexico as a melting pot. Other than those actually born here people come from all over and quite often are not sure just why they landed here. Through personal experience I have found Cibola County, NM to be a very spiritual place. With all of the devistating weather occuring in other parts of the country we seen to be somehow protected here. We do not have tornados, huricanes, earthquakes or floods. Some people have also called New Mexico "God's Country" while others have chosen, "God forsaken". Whatever it is called I do not believe I would feel comfortable living anywhere else at the moment.

One of the transplanted souls that comes to my mind is Rose D., who was born in Haiti. She and her two sisters have the unique distinction of sharing the same first name. It was a loving gesture offered by her mother to honor a deceased relative. The girls each have a different middle name.

When Rose D. was about five her father immigrated to America. He then sent for her mother and gradually the children. Rose arrived in the United states when she was nine, speaking no English. Because she would occasionally pick up words that were similar to Haitian she was convinced people were talking about her. In time she learned the language, graduated from high school at nineteen and went on to college.

Because of an interest in science she set a goal to become a medical doctor. In her junior year she said God told her that was not what she was supposed to do. She switched to chiropractic. When she left for college her father couldn't understand why she couldn't leave her car at the airport until she told him, "Dad I won't be coming back until next semister."

After graduation from Life University Rose had two successful chiropractic practices, one in Florida and another in Georgia before moving to Grants, NM in the spring of 2009. Loving the spiritual tone of the area she opened Ducasse Chiropactic, acknowledging, "I have no idea why I am here."

Her patients are grateful that she is here. Her gentle hands, strong faith and firm belief in healthy choices guide them to live better lives. Along with up to date methods of treatments, including ultrasound, she listens to her patients, stores the information and uses it to heal them.

Rose loves to travel and occasionally takes trips to enrich her general and spiritual knowledge. Once she was given a chance to go to Isreal with a group of church members. Although she really wanted to go and had the money she helf off making a decision. She is very family oriented and knew if she spent the money on the trip she would be less available to help her family if they needed something.

She said, "In the middle of the night I sat bold upright in my bed and exclaimed "why didn't I know I am supposed to go to Isreal?"

The next day she got an email inviting her to go on the trip from a person who told her, "I suddenly sat bolt upright in my bed and exclaimed, "I need to invite Rose on the trip."

Not being able to ignore the parallel of events Rose agreed to go. Feeling a bit guilty about the money she said a silent prayer that it would be nice if someone decided to sponsor her. The next day she got another email from a generous friend who decided to do just that. To her surprise her plane fare and accomodations had been taken of. Rose had a wonderful trip, taking in biblical facts and places she had only read about.

Even though she is far away from her family who live in Florida it is not unusual for her to hop on a plane and drop in for a visit for a weekend or a week. That is where she can be found on most major holidays and important family events. When she goes home she said, "Everyone lines up for free adjustments."

Her mother often nudges Rose to get married but, she she enjoys her life just as it is. She works when she needs to, travels when she wants to and has a personal relationship with her creator. Generally speaking she has a great life and is now the only chiropractor in Grants, NM. She has come a long way from that little nine year old girl who couldn't even speak English when she came to this country.

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