Thursday, May 25, 2017

The lost is found

During the year 2014 I began this blog and only wrote 11 posts. It was meant to share true stories I had written about some of the residents of Cibola county, New Mexico and pictures and happenings. I stopped sharing in April of that year when I realized that the blog really had very few readers.Since then I thought it had vanished. I not only couldn't find it I couldn't remember the name I had given it.

Yesterday I clicked on blogs by Barbara Loure`Gunn and guess what? One more click and there it was.

I found it really interesting that the last post I wrote was written about my female chiropractor who I had mentioned in a Facebook post from yesterday. Everyone knows there are no coincidences- right? I'm still thinking about this and wondering just what I am supposed to do now.

Should I just ignore it as a rather strange experience or should I take it as a push from an unknown source to rescue this blog and continue writing? Perhaps I should go back to interviewing and write some new stories.

Since I don't have an answer at the moment I will just have to get back to any former readers still wondering the same thing.

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